Yiyi Zhou

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Colors of My Clothing

Date: November 2010
For: Advanced Graphic Design (College)
Role: Student

In my senior year of college, for my graphic design class, I decided to make a visualization to showcase the primary colors of my clothing. I had hoped that not only would this yield a very colorful graphic (I had colorful clothes), but also it would provide insight into my schedule as a college student, and also perhaps whether temperature would have an effect on color choices.

For two weeks, I dressed as I normally would. I kept a log of what I wore, the times I wore them, and the high/low temperatures of the day. I then took the predominant color of each piece of clothing and painted them in a clock-like manner, and called out when I changed outfits.

The end product shows both the erratic schedule of a college senior (oftentimes not enough sleep, sometimes too much sleep), as well as the lack of correlation between temperature and brightness of clothing hues. You can tell when I ventured out into the cold, as well as when I curled underneath the bed covers. I also clearly did not change out of my pajamas for most of a day — now that was a good day.